RamsesGPU: Large scale Magnetohydrodynamics simulations on cluster of GPUs for astrophysics applications

See dedicated web page for more information

Source code available on github :

Xsmurf: Multifractal analysis with wavelets

Xsmurf is a software application originally written by N. Decoster and dedicated to wavelet-based multifractal image analysis. It implements the 2D/3D WTMM (Wavelet Transform Maxima Modulus)
methodology for scalar and vector fields. Xsmurf provides a graphical user interface based on Tk Console along with a customized Tcl shell (WTMM specific commands are interfaced to C-defined routines).

A basic interface to the VTK library is provided for 3D signal analysis.

About the WTMM method, see the following on-line reference: Alain Arneodo et al. (2008) Wavelet-based multifractal analysis. Scholarpedia, 3(3):4103


Download Xsmurf:

Source code available on my github web page:

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